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Enterprise Satellite Services

Power Your Network Coverage With Enterprise Satellite Services

Calibre One understands that some businesses require an enterprise grade solution for their remote locations where access to fibre and mobile coverage is not possible. The requirements for these services can be vast. From providing access to business-critical applications through to entertainment and communication services like skype or Teams for your staff. Calibre One can help keep your remote sites around Australia connected with your major locations through Telstra VISP nbn satellite and terrestrial capability.

The Virtual ISP (VISP) product has been developed by nbn and Telstra to provide business grade internet network access with several options that offer the speed and network reliability to support businesses in regional and remote Australia. The business nbn Satellite Service enables access to cloud-based business applications, eCommerce, voice, disaster recovery and ‘crew welfare’, which could include employee entertainment and communication services such as Skype and Netflix.

What Is Telstra Nbn™ Satellite Services?

Features & Benefits

The VISP product provides a choice of three speeds for customers: • 30/1Mbps • 30/5Mbps • 13/13Mbps
VISP allows customers to pool the data quotas of businesses with multiple premises – effectively enabling end customers to better manage their data usage and reduce costs. Standard monthly data quotas offer up to 1,000GB/ month with no speed limiting if a data quota is exceeded. If standard quotas are exceeded, additional data quotas will be added and chargeable in 100GB increments.
The VISP 13/13 Mbps service can be deployed in ‘stand-by’ mode with bandwidth provided only when it is triggered. This enables customers to deploy an as needed disaster recovery solution through the business nbn Satellite Service.
Telstra nbn™ Satellite Services can help you keep your sites around Australia connected. We offer a range of services from solutioning, provisioning to supporting your services end to end. Avoid the hassle of managing multiple vendors for each of your remote sites
Telstra offer a helping hand when you need it! With 24/7 global service helpdesk, Telstra are there to help provide you end-to end support, helping you manage and monitor your services whilst working closely with nbn


Satellite Frequency KA Band

VISP (13/13 Mbps) 1.2m or 1.8m (High Gain) dish 4W Capricorn-4 AC (High Gain) VISP (30/1 Mbps, 30/5 Mbps) 0.74m or 1.8m (High Gain) dish 2.5W Gemini-e AC or 4W Capricorn-4 AC (High Gain)
13/13, 30/1 or 30/5 Mbps
Any number of 100GB increments
Standard: Bronze Optional: Silver, Gold

Service Management Options

NBN and Telstra provide 3 different service management levels that customers can choose for their NBN satellite service.

Bronze service levels will be as described in section 3.5, however this assurance level also factors in the following definition:
• Warranty covering repair or replacement of the IDU for VSAT NTD faults
• One attendance per calendar year, where the relevant premises is in an Urban Area


Silver service levels will be as
described in section 3.5, but also includes the following:
• One spare IDU 
• Onsite spare IDU
• One attendance per calendar year


Gold service levels will be as described in section 3.5, includes
the following:
• One spare IDU (including installation of that IDU and the removal of the existing IDU, when required) and any relevant training determined by nbnTM in accordance with standard processes
• All materials required in respect of attendances
• Incidentals for travel and accommodation activities
• Three attendances per calendar year

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