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E-Waste Recycling Program

Globally, we’ll produce more than 50 million tonnes of e-waste this year alone. 700,000 tonnes of which is generated in australia.

At Calibre One, one of our primary goals is to drive more sustainable and environmentally friendly business. Calibre One provides our customers the opportunity to recycle all e-waste to ensure that it does not end up in a landfill and that the precious resources we use in these products can be used repeatedly. Calibre One also recycles all soft plastics, cardboard, and toner/cartridges that are created through the use of these products. E-waste encompassess all old technology, cluttering your office, warehouses and landfill, either in a state of disrepair, obsolete, or simply something that has been replaced by its newer, shinier model. Calibre One can recycle all of these e-waste materials.

Complying Products


Offsetting All Measured Emissions through Carbon Reduction

Through our 9 Point Recycling Program of All Customer Materials program, we strive for Carbon Reduction and to offset of all measured emissions. Some of these tactics include: 

  • The offset of all emissions used via Shippit
  • Green projects with move to renewables
  • Hybrid Electric Vehicle fleet
  • Partnership with Carbon Neutral


Recycling computers

Consider how much computer equipment you have at the office or within your home; personal computers, old and new, working and broken, printers, laptops, scanners, keyboards, speakers and the list goes on! 

Trading in Mobile Devices

Calibre One have partnered with Moorup, a Telstra buyback partner that offer an end-to-end solution to buyback, refurbish, donate and recycle your mobile devices and tablets. Their mission is to extend the lives of electronic devices, helping bring Connectivity to Unconnected Consumers.

Recycle Telstra Phone

We will create an estimate on your old fleet and offer a buyback (Trade in) price which will be paid back as a credit on your Telstra Mobile Account, or paid via EFT.

Moorup can also buy back your unused ICT equipment like laptops, desktops and monitors.


Will you let your technology become another E-Waste statistic?

Calibre One also recycle all other packaging materials including soft plastics, cardboard as well as printer cartridges and any mobile or smartphone devices, Speak with one of our team today on how we can help you recycle your old technology and be environmentally responsible.

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