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Don’t follow me, I am going fishing…

Sure you have seen this type of sticker on the back on a truck in the past. However, I am not here to talk about that sort of fishing, now it is time to talk about email phishing.

Now the question is, do you know the definition of email phishing? Or only phishing in the IT world? According to The Australian Cyber Security Centre – StaySmartOnline, Phishing is a way for criminals to steal confidential information – such as online banking logins, credit card details, business login credentials, passwords/passphrases – by sending fraudulent messages (sometimes called ‘lures’)

Now perhaps at some point you’ve received an email that looked like it came from your bank, or your internet provider or your telephone company… yeah, that sort of email.

It has been detected not too long ago that employees, or basically a human being is the last level of defense of any cybersecurity implementation. We can deploy hardware, software and many applications for many millions of dollars, but all it takes is only one email to make it past all defenses and reach your mailbox for you to click and leak vital information. For that reason, end-user training is paramount in any cybersecurity implementation.

This has been clearly detected by the Parliament when it was breached not too long ago, and now they are in the process of implementing phishing email simulation to test and raise security awareness among all employees.

According to ITNews, the Department of Parliamentary Services will conduct the simulations as part of a new program to test the cybersecurity awareness of its more than 4000 parliamentary computing network users.

If you are part of an organization that uses email on daily basis, as a matter of fact probably all organizations rely on this basic piece of technology, are you running any sort of Security Awareness Training among your employees? If not, do you think you can distinguish between a real and fake email?

Be careful as cyber criminals are using more and more email as a means to reach you and get financial data and/or personal information, and they’re getting more clever and legitimate looking.

Calibre One offers Security Awareness Training, click here to learn more about the benefits, process, and why it is imperative for your company.

And as always, be safe out there until the next Malware Monday.

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