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Cybersecurity Breakfast with Calibre One and Fortinet

Calibre One Fortinet Cyber Security Breakfast

Calibre One and Fortinet recently hosted a breakfast for our customers, the topic for discussion was the current cybersecurity landscape and how to protect your organisation and its users.

technology breakfast


The Demand for Cybersecurity Managed Services

Wade Wilson, Calibre One SA State Manager spoke first. Calibre One launched our security division back in 2018 in response to a rapid rise in socially engineered attacks and hacks from cyber criminals across the globe. Wade has worked for Calibre One and directly with many of our clients for over 20 years and talked through his firsthand experience in some of the cybersecurity breaches on our customers.

Calibre One Fortinet Cyber Security Breakfast

Customers have always wanted access to all of their data, now they have it and potentially so do others. Wade’s message was that the weakest link in your company is your staff. Your IT provider can deploy all the preventative technical measures, but we cannot stop human behaviour.

Threats keep changing, it is an ever-evolving situation and security is never finished.


Fortinet Threat Intelligence

We then heard from Glen Maiden, Director of Threat Intelligence, Fortiguard Labs Australia.

Glen Maiden Fortiguard Labs Australia

Glenn is heading up Fortinet’s Threat Intelligence operations for Australia. FortiGuard Labs build the security intelligence that underpin advanced security technologies like AI, antivirus, intrusion prevention, and email & web security.

Glenn works closely with Fortinet front & back-office teams, the Australian Cyber Organisations, CERTs, partners, and customers to build resilient defense systems via intelligence-led security fabrics.

He provided an overview of how the cybercrime landscape is changing; the emerging threats, the source of attacks and how companies can protect themselves.

World Governments are now naming, shaming, and fortifying, forcing businesses to comply with legislation around cyber security.

Consequently, executives in all industries should be having conversations regarding cyber security and organisational risk, especially as digital innovation continues at an accelerated rate.


Cybersecurity Services

Calibre One’s Security Operations Centre (SOC) provides 24/7 monitoring, security audits, reporting, recommendations, and user security awareness training.

This, along with our strong partnership with Fortinet ensures we can provide our customers with the peace of mind that they are entrusting their businesses cyber security to the right technology partner.

Learn more about Calibre One Cybersecurity Services.


Watch the Full Cyber Security Event here


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