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Calibre One Case Study

Maritime Constructions


Based in Adelaide and completing hundreds of marine projects across Australia and the Pacific, Maritime Constructions is a complete provider of specialist marine infrastructure solutions comprising an industry-leading mix of highly experienced personnel, specialised plant and equipment and valuable strategic partnerships. With over 100 staff, Maritime Constructions has the capacity to design, engineer, manage and self-execute the most challenging marine projects. Since the firm was established more than 20 years ago, it has operated with a lean in-house ICT team, focusing operations on its core capabilities and outsourcing ICT services to specialist providers.

Information and Communications Technology Simplified
and Optimised for Future Growth


Complex, costly and hard-tomanage mobile and IP telephony services, inefficiencies in dealing with multiple ICT service providers, an ageing server infrastructure and lack of connectivity between sites.


Services Provided


  • 40% reduction in monthly mobile costs
  • Efficient and timely responses to service requests and technical issues
  • Consolidating ICT services reducing overall costs and increasing operational efficiency
  • Flexible, virtualised server environment allowing for future growth and move to cloud
  • Personal service ensuring continuity of engagement and greater insight into business needs

Calibre One achieves 40%
savings in mobile costs, then sets up Maritime
Constructions for business evolution

“The Calibre One team managing our mobile services is amazing. If we have an issue, they resolve it in no time.”

Richard Shipton
IT & Communications Manager
Maritime Constructions

Complex and Expensive Communications

Maritime Constructions has a highly mobile workforce, with its staff spending the majority of their time working remotely on various project sites around the region. The company has come to rely on its mobile phones for voice and data connections, but managing the phones, connections and billing had become a complex, expensive exercise. At the same time, Maritime Constructions had deployed a new IP telephony solution that was proving to be under-utilised and expensive to operate.

After establishing a second base in Fremantle WA, Maritime Constructions started thinking about a single network to connect the two offices.

“When we brought up the issues we were having with both our mobile fleet and telephony network, our Telstra rep suggested that we talk to Calibre One,” said Richard Shipton, IT & Communications Manager, who has managed ICT at Maritime Constructions for the majority of the company’s history.

Streamlining Telephony and Mobile Services

Calibre One was initially engaged to take over the management of Maritime Constructions’ mobile phone fleet and set about streamlining all aspects, from device procurement to billing. As a result, Calibre One was quickly able to generate 40% savings on Maritime Constructions’ monthly mobile spend, maintaining those savings for the last 18 months.

“The Calibre One team managing our mobile services is amazing. If we have an issue, they resolve it in no time,” said Shipton.

Maritime Constructions also had some issues with its IP telephony solution, which was implemented by another provider and had been engineered with services and features that were superfluous to the company’s requirements. Calibre One simplified the office telephony environment, making it easier to use and manage, and reducing the overall costs of operating the solution.

“The biggest benefit from working with Calibre One is that they have been prepared to adapt and evolve to how we want to work with them.”

Richard Shipton
IT & Communications Manager
Maritime Constructions

Consolidating Service Providers

When its existing managed IT services contract came up for renewal, Maritime Constructions saw the opportunity to consolidate all its ICT services with one provider and engaged Calibre One for IT management and support.

“Calibre One is a group that can resolve any technical issue. The team is upfront and open with us and we’ve been impressed with their technical knowledge and expertise,” said Shipton.

While the monthly service costs are largely on a par with its former managed services provider, Maritime Services is generating cost savings and operational efficiencies by dealing with just one services provider for all aspects of ICT.

Additionally, Calibre One has a set monthly fee, giving Maritime Constructions the ability to budget more effectively with a known monthly cost for all services. This hadn’t been the case with its previous supplier, where support costs could fluctuate month-to-month. “As a business, we have a very ‘lumpy’ revenue stream, so having greater certainty on our monthly operating costs is ideal for longer-term planning,” said Shipton.

“However, the biggest benefit from working with Calibre One is that they have been prepared to adapt and evolve to how we want to work with them. Their ticketing system didn’t match how I liked to do things – I wanted more voice contact and continuity with the people I was dealing with at Calibre One. We set up that personal, one-onone engagement with the people at Calibre One who know our systems, and that’s working really well.”

Achieving Cloud Readiness

One of the first key upgrade projects undertaken by Calibre One was a refresh of Maritime Constructions’ ageing on premise servers. Calibre One recommended virtualising all components of the server infrastructure to essentially create a private cloud environment. This would pave the way for further expansion in the future and migration to public cloud when the technology evolves to a point where Maritime Construction would be confident in entrusting its critical data to a public cloud provider. 

“We are already using a lot of cloud-based apps in our business, but our on premise servers are our knowledge repository. We now have a system in place giving us the ability to migrate to public cloud when we want to,” said Shipton.

Calibre One implemented a Microsoft Windows Server 2012R2 Hosted environment running Hyper-V and performed a physical to virtual migration from the existing Windows Small Business Server 2011 and 2008R2 Terminal Server setup. This process has allowed the now two Virtual Servers to be provided with virtual CPU, virtual RAM and virtual Hard Drive space as required. Additional CPU, RAM and HDD was allowed for in the physical box so that new Virtual Servers could be built in the near future and bring them into production in parallel to the current servers. This also means that a testing phase can be used by Maritime Construction staff to ensure the new Virtual Servers are correct before a full company-wide deployment is performed.

All staff were migrated to Microsoft Office 365 and are securely accessing and storing all data in Microsoft OneDrive folders. Fortinet FortiGate routers have been installed to track external attacks and protect internal resources from breach.

“The transition to the new environment has been very smooth. In fact, none of our staff even noticed it took place,” said Shipton.

Future Plans

Together with Calibre One, Maritime Constructions is now setting up a single network to connect its warehousing facility and its offices in Adelaide and Fremantle.

“We are constantly growing as a business, and we’ve recently won some big contracts in WA. With Calibre One as our ICT partner, we are confident in the team’s ability to continue to meet our evolving needs,” concluded Shipton.

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