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CRN Pipeline 2018

Last week, I had the privilege to attend the CRN Pipeline event that spanned two days. The IT industry has been exposed to many challenges as of late, especially focused around security management and control. We have also been exposed to areas of customer service both in how the tech industry is improving the customer end user experience through new technology interfaces, analytics and the use of big data, as well as through general customer problem resolution management.


Even the government is evolving with digital transformation

We had the honourable Victor Dominello talk to our group around how NSW Services has been lifting the bar in digital transformation.

The NSW Government is currently running a trial in Dubbo where citizens will be able to have a digital driver’s license or proof of age card on their phone. He discussed with us the different technologies they were interfacing in to this to validate these IDs back against central databases, so the technology could be trusted. Victor also took us live through the digital dashboarding of NSW citizens feedback on services which was enabling him as the minister to see information live so that he could address with his CEO’s trends and issues faster to ensure better service to NSW constituents.


Rise in Security Breaches

Troy Hunt took us through a presentation on the rise in security breaches. Troy runs a website called that has record of more than 5 billion email accounts that have been compromised. You can check to see if your email has been compromised through any large data breaches such as LinkedIn or even the most recent CBA breach, so I highly recommend it.

Troy’s presentation was fascinating in how he took us through a wide range of examples of security breaches and what the hacker of today looks like. It was interesting to note that so many so-called ‘hackers’ are teenage kids in bedrooms cracking poorly secured business sites and gaining access to 100,000s of customer information records. He gave the example of the Australia Red Cross that lost 451,000 records including people’s information from the questionnaires they completed when giving blood. This example was especially interesting as he noted that the best thing the Red Cross did was communicate the data breach within 72 hours. They took responsibility for the breach, apologised and noted what they were doing to resolve the issue. It was used as a great example of what companies should do when they have a breach, rather than sit on it for months or years like the CBA has recently done, or companies like Uber or Facebook have done in the past.


Digital Disruption

Brad Howarth at CRN gave a great presentation on how businesses going bust due to digital disruption is not due to the new technology, but more to the lack of willingness in those businesses to improve the areas of their service delivery which can be done faster, easier or more efficiently with technology.

Companies like Uber seized an opportunity in the taxi transport industry based on the areas that taxis perform poorly. In Brad’s words “if the Taxi industry maintained a clean nice smelling vehicle that you could order anywhere via an app and you knew where it was and it arrived on time with the ability to not transact via cash, then they would not be competing with Uber currently.” Of course, these principles are simple, but powerful, and something to consider for all businesses of all industries if they want to remain relevant.


CRN Impact Awards

The peak of the event was the CRN Impact Awards, which were hosted on the Thursday night. Calibre One was very excited to have both itself and AirBridge up for project awards on the evening. The CRN Impact Awards celebrate the technology providers transforming customer organisations and building Australia’s innovation economy for the future. They covered categories such as digital transformation, network evolution and working together, see full details here.

Doug Stephens (left) and Darren Gore (right) attend the 2018 CRN Impact Awards


We were very excited for AirBridge to take out the win in the Network Evolution category for it’s project with the Northern Area Peninsula Regional Council in delivering wireless connectivity to 18 sites across many KM’s to the council and their constituents. See the full story here.

Our partner AirBridge accepting the CRN Impact Award for Network Evolution!


This was the third year of the CRN Pipeline event and the Impact Awards and it did not disappoint, thanks to the CRN team for these great industry events!

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