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Innovation is a key mindsets all businesses must keep as a top priority to stay ahead of today’s modern business world.


Qantas has been the first Australian Airline to drive innovation for Australian domestic and international flights through the testing and successful deployment of free inflight WiFi Internet using satellite technology from ViaSat.
The airline is keen to keep its edge in front of major competitor Virgin Airlines as a premium airline by offering services to customers that are key to survival in today’s modern business world. So far, Qantas has received an 88% positive response rate from customers, with an average download rate of 12Mbps. The free WiFi has already been a pleasant surprise for over 3,500 Qantas customers each week, who did not know to expect this rollout.


Qantas has already fitted out a second aircraft to trial the technology on domestic aircraft flights, with the rollout of another eight aircrafts to be completed by late September. They aim to have 80 aircrafts up and running on the platform by late 2018, with 15 million passengers each year having access to free WiFi inflight!
The way Qantas rolled this out has been quite successful, they tested this innovation thoroughly with a small sample size on one plane whilst testing customer satisfaction results. That way, they could fix the bugs and manage expectations. Only once they had achieved success with this sample size, will they then expand the sample size until eventually rolling out to the larger fleet and all customers. Note Qantas also plans to deliver this service for free as part of their premium service, this enables them to retain their premium price point.
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