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Cloud Backup Solutions

Product Description

Calibre One offers a suite of cloud backup solutions that will automate backing up your data and systems to cloud storage.

Our solutions cover almost every environment and data including:

  • Office 365 Mailbox, SharePoint & OneDrive back-ups
  • PC & Server File and folder backup on schedule or change
  • Image-based backup with item-level restore
  • Bare-metal restore to USB flash drive, if required
  • Restore to Hyper-V, VMware, or cloud instance
  • Encryption, Compression
  • Monitoring and reporting on the backup status
  • Backup of exchange using VSS
  • SQL backup including full differential and transaction logs

For Customers using ALTARO or VEEAM for full virtual machine backups, we can provide cloud-based target servers to provide a full offsite storage repository.

  • Targets for VEAM and ALTARO backup for full Virtual Machines*
*Note: for Altaro and Veeam you are responsible for having the necessary licenses to operate these applications.


  • Cost Effective peace of mind
  • Keep backups in an OFFSITE remote AUSTRALIAN location
  • Restore backups anytime from any place where you have internet connection
  • Setup suitable schedule for backups or backup every changed or new file immediately with Continuous Data Protection
  • Protect backups by encrypting your data
  • Compress backups to reduce the size of required cloud storage


  1. Simple File Selection Process
  2. File Encryption for privacy and security

3. Progress and history information at a glance

4. Office 365 Altaro Dashboard, advanced user search and Audit of back-ups


Designed For Servers

Calibre One Cloud Backups are designed for your Servers

Reduces the size of your backups to save time and
money spent on data recovery plan. Calibre One Cloud
Backup compresses data prior to transfer.
SQL Option

A native SQL backup option is available as an option to backup your SQL databases
Intelligent Bandwidth Scheduler

Control the bandwidth throttling in real-time to set, for instance, the backup to consume all available bandwidth during the off hours and on the weekends while consume only 10% of bandwidth during the working hours.
Backup Schedule

Automate backups by setting up suitable time and frequency.
Local Backup

Set up local backup if you want to send only subset of your data to the cloud and keep the rest on your local backup storage.
Real-Time Backup

Backup everything automatically. Calibre One Cloud Backup runs as a Windows Service and tracks folders for new or changed files to backup them immediately.
Block Level Backup

Backup only changed parts of the file. Calibre One Cloud Backup detects these parts and automatically uploads it to the remote storage.

Protect your data from unauthorized access by
choosing an encryption algorithm and setting a unique encryption key. Calibre One Cloud Backup encrypts all your data before uploads it to storage
Office 365 Minimal recovery point objective: As backups take place automatically up to four times per day, you can enjoy a low recovery point objective (RPO) in case of data loss or damage.
Office 365 mailbox backups: Automatically backup MS Office 365 mailboxes – emails, attachments, calendars and contacts up to four times a day.Fast and simple mailbox recovery: Various restore options, for entire mailboxes as well as granular restore of selected mail items, such as restoring back to the same mailbox.
OneDrive and SharePoint backups: You can optionally also automatically back up files stored within your organization’s OneDrive Accounts and SharePoint Document Libraries.Swift OneDrive and SharePoint item recovery: The solution includes a granular restore wizard enabling you to restore files within OneDrive and SharePoint Document Libraries to a downloadable ZIP archive or another OneDrive Account or SharePoint Document Library.

Calibre One Cloud Backup Plans Pricing

Pricing consists of two elements: A backup agent and for data consumed.

Examples are:

Product (backup agent)Cost / Month (INC GST)
Office 365 Email/SharePoint$9.90 per user^
Full Machine$16.50
SQL, Exchange or Server$16.50
Altaro / Veeam Target*$22.00
Data / gb$0.165 / gb

NOTE * All Pricing Is Pay As You Go, Non-Contracted, And Charged Monthly Based On Increased / Or Decreased Data Stored Each Month. ^ Includes unlimited data per user Office 365 for back-up of Email, SharePoint and OneDrive for that user.

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