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Calibre One Staff Spotlight: An Interview with Jo Clayton

I was fortunate enough to get on the calendar of Jo Clayton, our Cairns Regional Manager. Prior to Calibre One, Jo was an Account Executive at Telstra. She is originally from Launceston, Tasmania, but now resides at Palm Cove and works at our Cairns office!

How did you get interested in your field? 

I started as an Office Administration trainee working for a training organisation, in which I found myself continually wanting to know how to fix the IT problems, I love being able to fix problems.  I became a tech by trade for many years until being poached by a national ICT organisation to lead up their Regional office in Launceston, Tassie and have been in the industry for nearly 20 years.

What did you do before Calibre One?

Before Calibre One, I was an Account Executive at Telstra. This was the amazing Telstra GNQ team in which I worked in up until joining Calibre One, where now we work together offering the best of Telstra and partner services.

Hayley and Darren were already working with the Telstra when I first started in Cairns and Doug was part of the Telstra team, from the moment I met them, I knew that we were not only going to have a great working relationship but friendship as well.

What does a typical work day look like for you? 

I am an early bird, a typical day for me is waking to my husbands alarm which goes off at 5.30am.  I am up and out the door to do my exercise tackling Buchans point hill, twice, plus a walk or jog most mornings, before heading home, showering and commencing work at roughly 7.30am! I then head into the office once the traffic has died down to maximise my working hours.

My day is then filled with meetings with customers and designing solutions for them. I then return home to more often than not continue a little more work and if I am lucky my husband will cook me dinner prior to relaxing for the evening before an early night!

What is your favourite part of your job/working for Calibre One?

As mentioned I have a passion for problem solving, so I love getting to know and understand our customers challenges and applying solutions to enhance their business.  Working with Calibre One and AirBridge allows us to provide connectivity where some communities and businesses have never had connectivity before.

Do you have any side or passion projects you’d like to tell us about?

I help my husband out with his business “Platinum Plumbing”when I can, primarily when there is a social or networking aspect to it! ?

He has now been known to assist colleagues from both Telstra and C1 with the plumbing needs!

What do you like to do outside of work?

I love living at Palm Cove, love the walks, the beach, the cafes (love my food and wine!), taking our dog for swims, bike riding and socialising! I also love traveling and exploring new places, especially cruising, wining and dining with our good friends.

Tell us about your home life 

I have 2 children, my 10 year old dog Pepper and my 34 year old husband. Pepper is a Rhodesian Ridgeback crossed with a Labrador, so she looks like a black lab with a mow hawk! ?

Are you into any sports?

My family and I really enjoy fishing, it’s quite ironic however that I am allergic to Seafood, but I tend to be luckier on the rod than those who can indulge in them.

What does a typical weekend look like for you?

A typical weekend for me is a sleep in until roughly 6.30am. My husband and I will get up for our regular exercise, whether it be a bike ride around a new area of Cairns we haven’t been to before, a walk up that horrid hill and then around the beach or drive to a new area to go exploring! 

Its then home for breakfast, shower and try to get our domestic jobs and work out of the way to free up what we can of the rest of the weekend for catching up with family, friends and going on adventures!

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