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What are businesses considering when it comes to digital transformation?

Calibre One, together with our partners Microsoft and Telstra, held the most recent leg of our roadshow on Wednesday in Darwin at the Oaks Elan hotel. Over 70 people came together to listed and talk about how to Make Digital Transformation Real.

The roadshow started in Adelaide back in November 2017, where we had 60 people come together at Adelaide Oval to discuss this important topic. We will look to conclude the event in Cairns in Far North Queensland at the end of this month.

This event was designed to expose customers to the evolution of Microsoft Office 365 and Azure and to showcase how our customers are utilising this technology to transform their business.


Digital Transformation Affects Everyone


In this post I wanted to discuss the effect of digital transformation on businesses ranging from small to large. Three statistics were referred to during our discussions on digital transformation.

  1. In Australia today more than 89% of enterprises have digital transformation on their agenda and see it as a top priority
  2. 77% of firms are currently threatened by digital transformation
  3. and 55% of companies are actively seeking to disrupt either current or new markets


PowerPoint Slide from ‘Making Digital Transformation Real’


We then looked at a 20-year history of digital disruption with a focus on major and iconic brands that have either got it right, or missed the mark altogether and no longer exist. We started with the following stories;

  • Blockbuster vs Netflix – One with a global store network of 9,000 and 85,000 employees, the other completely online which revolutionised the way we were delivered our movie content
  • Nokia vs Apple – One that at its peak (2007) had 49.7% market share but delivered the same style device and operating system over and over, the other completely reinvented the mobile phone industry with a smartphone, application environment and a device without buttons
  • Wyndham Hotel Group vs AirBnb – A hotel chain like any other with 8,000 hotels and 32,000 staff valued at $7bn vs a company that did not own a single hotel, versus a completely digital platform, 2,000 staff and a market value of $30bn
  • GM vs Tesla – In April 2017, Tesla valued as the most valuable automotive company in America, but only having delivered 76,000 vehicles and a $800k loss versus GM who delivered 10M Vehicles and a profit of $9.4Bn
  • Banks vs Crypto Currencies – Well, the jury is still out on this oneThe evidence is clear, digital disruption is changing every industry. For those looking to think outside of the box and reinvent either themselves or their industry, fortune can most certainly favour the bold.


PowerPoint Slide from ‘Making Digital Transformation Real’


What are local Darwin businesses doing to address digital transformation?


At the end of our session we ran some live surveys using Office 365 Forms. Over 70% of the audience noted that digital transformation in their own workflows and processes, and are looking at strategies to improve or reinvent in these areas was key.

It was no surprise, being a Microsoft session, that almost 90% of respondents said they were interested in Microsoft 365 and what it could do.


Office 365 Forms Survey results from ‘Making Digital Transformation Real’ event in Darwin



Following this, we found that about 20% of the room had a mixed interest security, digitising their information through dashboard like power bi, and overall looking at cloud or managed services. Make sure that you and your company are also adding digital transformation to your workflows if you haven’t already, as no company, large or small, can survive without adapting to change.


Interested in attending our next session?


Microsoft, Telstra and Calibre One hope to host this event in Cairns next on the 22nd of February at the Shangri-La hotel, this will also coincide with the launch of the new Cairns Office, and on the ground team, so watch this space if you are interested in attending.


If you can’t attend our next event, please enjoy the full recording of this latest event here:


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