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Are backups still necessary in a world of cloud services?

Many people have been asking this question in this modern cloud world: Are backups still necessary?

Today we have many types of cloud solutions running business infrastructure. Some examples of this could include SAAS (software as a service) and IAAS (Infrastructure as a service) solutions;


Cloud Software as a Service Solutions

  • Office 365 – This service could cover your email platform, filing system, phone system and communications plan and more. 
  • Xero / MYOB Online – Accounting, Payroll, Invoicing
  • Salesforce – or any other Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system


Cloud Infrastructure as a Service Solutions

  • Azure
  • AWS
  • 3rd Party Cloud 

These services can be used to host servers in the cloud 

What are my backup options with SAAS solutions?

Now, in many cases with SAAS-based services like Salesforce or Xero, you do not have options for a 3rd party backup. Instead, you enlist this faith in the software vendor themselves. You trust that this third party have built their services in the cloud with reliable backup and security infrastructure to ensure the integrity and safety of your data.

However, there are many actions that you can still take to ensure that your users are safe, and more importantly, that your data is not hacked or stolen. While you may trust the systems themselves from external hacking attempts, most successful hacks are a result of the human factor in cybersecurity, where your data is compromised because of phishing attacks targeted toward your employees or users.

You can combat this and strengthen your last line of defense by taking your users through a scheduled and planned User Security Awareness Training, which both tests and educated users’ awareness along the way to give your organisation a security benchmark on how your users stack up against cyber criminals’ tests.


What are my backup solutions with IAAS?

If you are still running servers either onsite or in the cloud utilising IAAS solutions like Azure, AWS or others, it’s worth asking the question: How secure is my data and what are my backup options?

Many of the IAAS solution providers will provide back-up options built in within their infrastructure. However, sometimes it is worth considering a geographically diverse location where you files, databases and/or server operating systems can be backed-up.

When you operate servers in these IAAS environments, often to reduce costs, the servers may be built in a way where even though they are in a cloud environment, they may not be fully redundant or resilient to attack. In these situations this is where it is still good to keep external back-ups to this environment in case the worst may happen.


How do I back up my IAAS or SAAS cloud data?

The suggestion would be to review your current environment: What do you have? Where is it? How reliant are you on this software/infrastructure? Do you see a requirement to increase your robustness around the environment?

From there we suggest engaging with a managed services provider or consulting with some experts in the field. Calibre One has a range of solutions in this area and would love to help you improve your resilience to any forms of attack or data loss.

Visit our Cloud Backup Solutions page for more information.


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