Do you have an Android mobile phone? Someone may be using it to mine cryptocurrency!

If you have one, just keep reading, you may be surprised!

As you are probably aware the recent surge in cryptocurrency prices, where 1 bitcoin can cost you more than AUD 10,000, there are bad people targeting every platform, including Android devices with malware that leverages the CPU power of victim’s devices to mine cryptocurrency.

Just a few weeks back, a recognized antivirus research team spotted fake antivirus and port Android apps infected with malware that mines Monero cryptocurrency, launches DDoS attacks, and performs several other malicious tasks.

Think about your phone working 100% at all time, how long do you think your battery will last? not very long and pretty sure it will get very hot too.

To minimize the likelihood of installing any malware on your devices please do not install unnecessary and untrusted applications from the app store, even from Google Play Store, and keep your devices protected at all times.

Until next Malware Monday. Be safe out there.

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