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AI in Video Conferencing is the future of Collaboration

Major brands have weaved in AI-capabilities and machine learning to improve video conferencing. Let’s take a look at how AI is transforming calls and meetings.

 The demand for online meetings and calls grows as technology is advancing. The video conferencing market alone has been projected to reach $12 B by 2027, according to a recent study by Transparency Market Research. Furthermore, cloud-based video conferencing software will dominate the software category in the video conferencing market globally due to the following factors:

  • Growing trends in mobile workforce management and the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) landscape
  • Adoption of expanding small and medium enterprises and organisations
  • Increased growth of business outsourcing services


Traditional online meetings and calls are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Today, schools and workplaces have shifted their focus to creating a smart environment that solves the common problems that hinder the effectiveness of online calls and meetings, such as choppy video, poor room acoustics, annoying echo effects, and even addressing video quality issues due to bandwidth restrictions.

Major brands like Microsoft have weaved in AI-capabilities and machine learning to improve and enhance meetings and call quality regardless of location with smart and innovative features like echo cancellation, background noise elimination, advanced video enhancements, and automated framing of participants, just to name a few. Some features may sound like from Rick and Morty, but the fact is that, the future is already here.

Let’s take a look at how artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming calls and meetings with the use of AI and the application of machine learning.

How AI and machine learning is transforming video conferencing and collaboration

Voice quality improvements

The AI-based audio quality features allow you to communicate clearly by removing background noise and that annoying echo problem, ensuring distraction-free and effective calls and online meetings.

1. Echo cancellation

The AI-powered echo cancellation tools are able to recognise the sound from a speaker (an overly-sensitive microphone or any output device) and the user’s voice in order to eliminate the room and acoustic echo without suppressing speech, so multiple parties are able to communicate simultaneously. Experience crisp and crystal clear audio with AI-powered video conferencing tools.

2. Background noise suppression

With AI and machine learning-based audio enhancements, you can remove disruptive noise and unwanted background sounds from your microphone and speaker. You can rest easy that your voice is heard clearly on the other end of the line and not the unexpected sound of a barking dog. With AI’s noise cancellation capabilities, you can focus during important meetings.

Video quality improvements

Microsoft has recently released AI-based video and screen sharing quality optimisation for Teams meetings to address two key issues that interrupt real time conferencing and collaboration – network loss and fluctuations in the network bandwidth. By combining packet loss protection and AI-based content classification and rate control, Teams is able to provide a clear video experience to users even amid network challenges.

  1. Application of Machine Learning (ML) in Teams can automatically detect visual issues and make real-time modifications to enhance the quality of the video and ensure the highest video quality playback.
  2. AI-driven optimisations in Teams can automatically detect network issues and optimise light balance so you can use screen sharing without the worry of your bandwidth conditions.
  3. The AI-powered filters in Teams allow you to adjust brightness and soft focus to help balance and correct lighting issues, especially for low-light environments.


End-to-end Security and Privacy

Communicating in a group call puts everyone at risk of network or web breaches. AI promises end-to-end privacy and security while sharing confidential information in a group call. Thanks to machine learning-based anomaly detection applications that help detect network or web breaches and secure vital information communicated during a conference, everyone can communicate at ease during video conference calls.

More and more organisations and businesses are recognising the potential and value of integrating AI-capabilities into their video conferencing systems. As hybrid work continues to evolve, AI has stood its ground to deliver smarter meetings, offer better collaborations, and improve productivity, all with the user’s privacy in mind.

Exploring AI-powered video conferencing solutions

The difference between AI and traditional technology, however, is that AI has human-like abilities. It’s how humans design AI – analyse data, make predictions, and learn on its own. Certainly, AI-integration in businesses is transformative because of its capacity to automate repetitive tasks, reduce the possibilities of making errors, and the ability to analyze high volume and complex data and make quick and informed decisions. On the other hand, the main challenge of adopting AI is its adaptability to different employee groups. Nevertheless, AI has tremendous possibilities. So, let’s take a step ahead and decide for ourselves if this technology is worth adapting to or not.

We at Calibre 1 are using and adapting AI-powered communication tools for live conferences, calls and meetings in order to enhance the overall experience of video conferencing and meetings for our team and clients. We have experienced the power of leveraging AI and we want to introduce you to our AI-powered video conferencing solutions– Telstra’s leading voice, network and services with the best of Microsoft’s collaboration tools.

Connect with one of our experts today and get your AI and video conferencing solutions queries solved.


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