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130 million hotel guest records are being sold!

By now you should not be surprised when there is another leak of information around the world. This time we are going to talk about the 130 million hotel guests records which are on sale for only 8 Bitcoins (Around AUD 80,000).

It was published on the 28/8/2018 that a hacker is selling personal information of 130 million people in the Chinese Dark Web forum. The hotel chain compromised was Huazhu Hotels Group Ltd.  This is one of the largest hotel chains in China. They also operate the Grand Mercure, Joye, Manxin, Novotel, Mercure, CitiGo, Orange, All Season, Starway, Ibis, Elan, and Haiyou chains.

This incident has already been reported to the police and they are investigating. However, the data is already in the wild ready to be purchased.

You may know by now that this type of event can seriously damage any company reputation, in this case, the Huazhu’s stock has tumbled over 2.8 percent on the NASDAQ exchange.

Have you stayed in one of these hotels in the last few years? If so, your records may be in danger. At this point in time, there is no indication of credit card details or what type of information has been leaked. Just keep an eye on your credit cards if you’ve stayed there in the past. If you haven’t, you may be safe… for now…

For businesses, this is a good reminder to keep backups safe and off-site, to practice good Cyber-security hygiene, and be to alert on new threats the Internet is bringing.

Be safe out there. Until next Malware Monday.

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