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Ticketing Feedback System

Calibre One has introduced a new simple feedback system on all our job tickets.  When a job is closed there is now a simple selection to indicate if you are happy, Neutral or Disappointed with our performance in relation to that task.

Additionally, there is the opportunity to leave a short comment if you want.  

We encourage you to leave a note, particularly in the event of a less than happy performance - we read every one and we'll use these to learn how to improve.  Please help us do this better by offering constructive comment..


The New Calibre One

We are excited to announce that on July 1, 2016 Calibre One expanded and became a Gold Telstra Business and Enterprise Partner with 43 staff, based in 3 offices across South Australia and the Northern Territory.

In addition to our 20 years' experience managing IT networks, our expertise now extends to the following Telstra Products and Services:
• Basic fixed lines, mobiles and internet
• Cloud (IaaS and SaaS)
• Complex Data
• Mobile Applications and Mobile Professional Services
• Vehicle Tracking
• Unified Communications and IP Telephony

Our staff at Calibre One can now provide advice across all areas of IT and Telecommunications technologies to come up with a solution which will use Telstra's unparalleled network infrastructure coupled with the appropriate technology. Our solutions focus on enabling your staff access to your core business applications anytime, anywhere, resulting in substantial improvements to your running costs and bottom line.

Calibre One has created a solid foundation for customers in South Australia and the Northern Territory by delivering leading edge solutions enabling our customers to investigate pathways for retiring legacy equipment and embrace the future of technology.

Regular IT Maintenance & Support

The team at Calibre One are here to provide you with all of your business IT needs. No-one wants their IT equipment shutting down on them during peak hours of operation, unfortunately this can and does happen.

With regular maintenance and support from Calibre One, chances of any downtime will be reduced dramatically. Our high quality support team will always be on standby for you and any potential problems that come up day to day, allowing you to focus on the more important issues.

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